How Can I Become a Bill Payment Center?

Entrepreneurs who wish to become a N Kolay Representative, may start their activity after they meet the necessary criterias.

No franchise fee is requested from the Representative candidates who want to be a Payment Point. An agreed commission is charged for each transaction carried out during the activity.

Since collection transactions are pre-paid, Representative candidates wishing to collect invoices should have a certain amount of capital to use in the daily invoice collection process.

A standard N Kolay Store concept is designated for every Representative candidate who is obliged to pay for their service point's renovations, signs, counters and system equipments.

There is not a concept condition for a N Kolay Dealer. These Dealer Representatives have bill collections and utility payment service activities through KIOSK Devices which is installed in business places where they carry out business activities (Groceries, Mobile Shops, Gas Stations etc.) .

To become a bill payment center, you can apply at

Representation / Dealership

If you wish to be a representative of Turkey's largest payment company, collect bills, get overdue payments, and become a Payment point, apply to become one!

N Kolay İşlem Merkezi Başvuru Formuna ulaşmak için tıklayınız.
N Kolay İş Yeri Başvuru Formuna ulaşmak için tıklayınız.

Process of becoming a N Kolay Store / Dealer Representative

  • Sharing of the Candidate's contact information with our Company from the Application Section.
  • Contacting the candidate and requesting an application form
  • Evaluation (Financial and criminal background screening, past payment performance, etc.)
  • Sharing the application result with the candidate and paperwork procurement
  • Collateral coverage process
  • Conversion of the store concept (No conversion for the dealer model)
  • Contract signing
  • Installation of the System Equipment (PC, Monitor, Modem, Switch, KIOSK device etc.) to the Business Place

Required Documents

If your application gets approved you need to complete the following documents

Natural Persons / Entities

  • Installation of the System Equipment (PC, Monitor, Modem, Switch, KIOSK device etc.) to the Business Place
  • Start of the business activity
  • Tax Registration Certificate
  • Chamber of Commerce Registry
  • A copy of a Picture ID
  • Notarized Signature
  • Residence Certificate
  • Criminal Records check

Legal Persons

  • Tax Registration Certificate
  • A copy of all partners Picture ID
  • Trade Registry Paper
  • Certificate of Activity
  • Notarized Circular of Signature
  • Residence Certificate of the Partners
  • If the applicant is an ordinary partnership, a notarized contracct of ordinary partnership


Representative / Dealer candidates who have a positive evaluation process are required to provide collateral for a certain amount of time, including Real Estate Fund, Letter of Guarantee or Cash Blockage. The amount of security to be requested will be forwarded to the Representative / Dealer candidates after the evaluation process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Is it necessary to pay any store / dealer fee to become a N Kolay Payment point?
    There is no franchise fee to become a Payment Point. Only a deposit is taken.
  • Do you have technical service support for problems that may arise in the payment system?
    N Kolay Technical Support Team and Call Center supports access to payment system or software problems 24/7.
  • Will there be training on the use of the collection system?
    The necessary training support is provided to our representatives before their acitivity starts and also during the kiosk installation phase at N Kolay Dealers. Training is provided by our support team.